1. Visibility of the system status


  • Does the system always inform the user about what is happening?
  • Is feedback quick and clear?

Which areas are affected?

All elements and features on the page that have to do with interaction or change through interaction.

What to look for?

  • Display of information that the user needs and expects before, during and after his interaction.
  • Information should be clear, easily recognisable, focused on the current action, relevant and predictable.


  • Load new page
  • Open and close navigation or layer
  •  Start search / will be executed / shows results
  • File upload progress
  • Changing button colours (e.g. if a form is not yet completely filled out)

Deepen knowledge

The Nielsen Norman Group offers a wealth of excellent videos on YouTube that explain all areas of UX briefly and concisely: YouTube-Channel Nielsen Norman Group.