5. Error prevention


  • Are typical errors (e.g. when entering values) prevented?
  • Do users have to confirm the performance of critical actions?

Which areas are affected?

All elements in a process that prevent the user from making mistakes.

What to look for?

  • The biggest mistake on the page is considered and covered.
  • Wrong entries and unnecessary steps are avoided.
  • Potentially large errors are at least doubly hedged.
  • Conflicts are indicated.


  • Auto-Complete when entering a city in a form
  • Any delete/modify/overwrite operation.
  • Large actions that may no longer be reversible. (large transfers, large uploads, large downloads, theme changes in the CMS).

Deepen knowledge​

The Nielsen Norman Group offers a wealth of excellent videos on YouTube that explain all areas of UX briefly and concisely: YouTube-Channel Nielsen Norman Group.