What do I have to pay attention to when filling out the questionnaire?

Nielsen’s heuristics are very general. They are suitable for evaluating virtually any digital application, from websites/apps to software and user interfaces.

Using the questions

Depending on the type of digital service, the relevance of the heuristics varies. As a rough guide, we can say that for sites that offer few processes or interactions, points 3., 5., 7. and 9. are somewhat less relevant. However, they are never unimportant.

The following table provides a very rough indication of which questions can be weighted higher. However, the weighting must be questioned anew in each individual case.

 Information websiteConversion-oriented websiteApplication
Presentation of topics, people, companies, products, services
Process-driven pages such as any page that aims to search, convert, buy, close
Software or control interfaces
1. Visibility of system status++ ++ +++
2. Match between system and the real world +++ +++ ++
3. User control and freedom + +++ +++
4. Consistency and standards +++ +++ ++
5. Error prevention + +++ +++
6. Recognition rather than recall ++ +++ +++
7. Flexibility and efficiency of use + ++ ++
8. Aesthetic and minimalist design +++ +++ +++
9. Error handling + +++ +++
10. Help and documentation + +++ ++

Deepen knowledge

The Nielsen Norman Group offers a wealth of excellent videos on YouTube that explain all areas of UX briefly and concisely: YouTube-Channel Nielsen Norman Group.