Test the usability of your site.

A questionnaire guides you through the essential points. The evaluation helps you to identify and address areas of improvement.

And this is how it works:


Open the page and launch UX Radar in your Chrome browser.


Choose a topic and check your page with the questions.


Evaluate how well your site is performing and document any weaknesses or special features.


The evaluation gives you an overview of the usability of your site.

How does UX Radar help you?

for companies

Use UX Radar to get an objective view.

The targeted questions will give you a new perspective on your site.

for agencies

Whether in the pitch or in the ongoing process:

Identify potential on your client’s side and find concrete starting points for improvement.

for learners

UX Radar is a good combination of questioning and concrete application.

Study the questions and their backgrounds, document your results and discuss them with colleagues.


Do you have a wish, an idea or criticism?

We are extremely curious and welcome any feedback!


Do you need help evaluating your site or coaching on UX?

Get in contact with Günter (guenter@ux-radar.app) or Stefan (stefan@ux-radar.app).

About us

UX Radar is by Stefan von Süßkind (homepage) and Günter Leyherr (LinkedIn)